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How to review, play and manage television recordings in the show library


Show library Open the show library by clicking  Show library  or enter Alt + M.


Search for recordings using the search box in the top right.  

Select a programme twice to play it full size.  Or double click with the mouse.

Preview recordings .

View episode snapshots at 10 second to 4 minute intervals to find the bit you want.

Play, pause  and delete recordings

Jump forward and backwards through recordings 

Watch small size TV while you are in the show library. (Picture in Graphics)

Volume control

Open a recording on an external hard drive, memory card or stick manually

Continue watching TV or a recording while you look in the show library with picture in graphics

Managing recordings 

Managing the Show Library


Preview recordings in the show library. 

Just click a recording to preview and click to stop. Double click to play the recording.  

This is not available on the Now and Next text version of the show library.

View episode thumbnails at 10 second to 4 minute intervals to find the bit you want.  

Right click on a recording in the show library > View Episode Thumbnails   


Play, pause  and delete recordings.

Play recordings from the beginning or  where you stopped watching.

Play       Play

Pause   Pause

Delete   Delete


Jump forward and backwards through recordings at 10 second to 4 minute intervals. 

Select the one you want from the top menu.  If you don't see them, press Esc or the spacebar. 

Jump forward 10 sec     Jump forward 30 sec   Jump forward 4 minutes.   

4 minutes is the length for most UK TV adverts.

Jump back 10 sec   Jump back 30 sec   Jump back 4 min

Use the icons above or press the left > to jump back 30 seconds and the right > to jump forward 30 seconds.

Or on the computer keyboard

Jump backwards 4 minutes

Page up

Jump backward 30 seconds

Left , F9 or "previous track"

Jump backwards 10 seconds

Ctrl + Left or F10

Jump forwards 10 seconds

Ctrl + Right or F11

Jump forwards 30 seconds

Right , F12, or "next track"

Jump forwards 4 minutes

Page down


Change the text size.

If you don't see the top menu,  press the spacebar.  

From the top menu select:

View > Text size> select the size you want.


Use the computer keyboard:

Largest text

Ctrl + F8

Larger text

Ctrl + F9

Medium text

Ctrl + F10

Smaller text

Ctrl + F11

Select a different colour in the colour scheme box.  Or create a new one.

At 'Item' press the down > and select 'tiles per line'. Now change to what you want.  A smaller number will make the display bigger and a larger number will make each item smaller.


Storing the recordings

By default, recordings are stored in the Videos folder on Vista and in My Videos folder on Windows 2000 and XP.


Changing where recordings are stored and using Compact Disc (CD  ) or Digital Versatile Disc ( DVD )

1  -   If you don't see the menu, move your mouse to the top of the screen or press the spacebar.

  Select. Setup   >  Miscellaneous

2  On the dialog box you will be able to browse for a new location to store  your recordings.  Select CD or DVD if you want to watch from one or record to CD or DVD. 


Arranging recordings in the show library

Right click on a recording in the show library. Select Arrange.

Arrange the recordings by:  

  •    Name

  •    Date 

  •    Length

  •    Channel

  •    Category

  •    Auto arrange   (Default)


Moving recordings

Right click on a recording in the show library. Select Send to..

You can send the recording to 

  •   another category in the show library

  •   the desktop

  •   another part of the hard drive, an external hard drive or memory stick.


Find a list of recordings I've seen

To avoid duplicate recordings, Imaging PVR checks that the recording is not in the show library or in the list of recordings you have viewed.  If you delete a show from the list of 'seen shows' then it may be recorded again. 

You can add shows to the list and if you wish require a password to view this information.

-   If you don't see the menu, move your mouse to the top of the screen or press the spacebar..

Select  Setup   >  Seen Shows


Changing the title and description.

TV shows usually come with the title and description.  However if you have made your own video recordings, you can add a title and description.

Right click on the recording, select properties from the menu and add the title and description. Click ok when you're done.

The show library displays recordings on the hard drive, memory stick and external hard drive.  Normally it does this automatically and you don't have to do anything. 


Open a recording on an external hard drive, memory card or stick

Imaging PVR is one of the very few PVRs where you can record to, or play from the computer hard drive or external memory stick, card or hard drive.  Imaging PVR will detect recordings on these and ask if you want to add them to the show library.  If you click 'no' you will have to open them manually.

From the top menu

Select File  > Open Video, Music or pictures 

or  Ctrl + O

Browse for the recording

-   There's a text version  of the show library on the Now and Next bar.  Click on the 'shows' tab of the Now and Next bar..

-   Choose recordings from Shows from the top menu.


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