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Understanding the top menus on Imaging PVR software for TV cards

The top menu gives more options than the handy icon menu below.

-   If you don't see these menus, press the spacebar or select   Toggle.

All these menu options are also on the menu that appears by right clicking on the TV screen.

File menu options with icon alternatives

Top file menu  Click on the picture for full size.

  •    Watch television   Watch television

  •    Open video, music or pictures

  •    Watch DVD

  •    Play music CD

  •    Properties  This goes to setting up the appearance.  Change colour schemes and how many channels appear on the screen.   You can also change the setup.

  •    Sleep timer

  •    Hibernate / Sleep at the end of the programme or recording

  •    Exit

    View menu options with icon alternatives

    Views menu    Click on the picture for full size.

  •   New Window

  •   Picture in Picture

  •   Swap Picture in Picture video with main video

  •   Picture in Graphics  (watch mini TV in the show library and Electronic Programme Guide EPG)

  •   View subtitles

  •   View Teletext

  •   Record Teletext

  •   On top of other windows.  You need this checked to watch television mini size while working on the computer.

  •   Full screen

  •   Toggle menu bar and toolbar.  Toggle

  •   Toolbars

  •   Monitor / TV screen shape

  •   Video shape

  •   Text size

  •   Digital signal quality meter


    Setup menu options  with icon alternatives

    Setup menu small   Click on the picture for full size.

  •    Auto Tune

  •    Manage Automatic recording  Setup

  •    Search  (Show library or Electronic Programme Guide) 

  •    Manage Electronic Programme Guide  Setup

  •    Manage Recording Schedule  Setup

  •    Manage Show Library    Setup

    Import media and edit the title and description of recordings.  Most are included automatically on TV programmes, but this is useful if you've recorded a Home movie or a webcam.

    Preview shows and delete the ones you don't want by selecting the show and clicking the bin.

  •    Manage setup    Setup


Tune in


Default start place  (Show library, live TV, EPG)

When to show the Now and Next bar

Time format

Where to store the recordings

What to do when the selected storange place is full

Parental access


Seen shows

Power management


Enable Rewind Live TV

Change the  space saved for  for pause live TV

File formats

Preferred audio / video languages

Prefer hearing impaired soundtrack

Use visual impaired commentary soundtrack

Internal web server

Keyboard or remote control

  •    Recording options  Setup

    Select your favourite programmes from a list.  Change the priority of your favourites and press 'schedule programmes' to record them all automatically.

    Or do it manually.  When you select a programme, the list of future showings is displayed. Click on the green circle to record an episode.  Any programme recording clashes are displayed.

    Select the 'New Programmes' tab, or view primetime TV, select by stars, actors, directors, producers or keywords such as 'football'.

  •     / Sharing   Setup

  •    Picture and sound quality information   Setup

  •    Language


    Shows menu options 

    Shows menu small   Click on the picture for full size.

  •   Create a playlist

  •   New shows (new recordings)

  •   Delete current show   Delete

  •   Import video or pictures

  •   Electronic Programme Guide    Electronic Programme Guide

  •   Show library   (with the recordings)   Show library

  •   Now and Next bar    Now and Next

  •   Web page


    Channels menu options

    Channel menu small  Click on the picture for full size.

    •    Channel browser

    •    Previous channel

    •    Providers

    •    Language

    •    Channels list

      Favourites menu options 

      Favourites menu small    Click on the picture for full size.

      -   Favourites show up on your channel list with a heart.  Favourite

      •   Favourites list

      •   Arrange favourites

        The Help menu.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

        Top help menu in Imaging PVR / pvr small.   Click on the picture for full size.

      •    Buy Imaging PVR

      •    Activate Imaging PVR

      •    Help

      •    FAQ

      •    Give feedback

      • About

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