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Recording Software for TV tuners - Automatic Recording

Automatic recording lets you  record all  episodes of your favourite programmes or shows by your favourite stars.  A title and description are added to the recordings automatically.

Imaging PVR will wake up the computer from hibernate / sleep or standby to record the programmes for you.  If you are not using the computer, it will return the computer hibernate / sleep / standby.

This will work for  Freeview, Freesat and most satellite TV  with no Internet required to download programme information.

There are 4 ways to set programmes to record automatically.

A good place to start

1   In the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).

For what's on now

In the Now and Next bar

Great for setting lots of recordings

In 'Automatic Recordings ' in Set-up

Other ways of recording

  •    Pause live TV

  •    How to set a timed recording on TV

  •    Instant record

  •    More How to record TV on your computer.

    Setting recordings in 'Automatic Recordings ' in Set-up'

    Select Setup  >  Manage Automatic Recording  


    On enter Ctrl+T

    Automatic recording  

    If you don't see any programmes, select a channel and watch TV live for a minute or two.  

    Click on programmes you want to record then select the 'Add' button to add them to My Programmes.  

    Select programmes from the complete programme list in the second left column.  Filter by: new programmes, primetime, stars, actors, directors, producers or keywords.

    Fine tune this process by searching by category, channel or date range.  Move programmes up and down the priority queue so that if programmes clash, the higher priority programme will be recorded.  Imaging PVR avoids duplicate recordings and can be set to have no repeats of the same programme for various time periods, or ever.

    Automatic scheduling of programmes to record

    If you want all episodes of programmes in your 'My Programmes list'  to be recorded, click on the 'Schedule Programmes' button. 

    In future, make sure the Automatically Schedule Programmes checkbox is checked in the Download dialog box before 

    Manual selection of episodes to record.

    Select each programme in turn from the My Programmes list.  A schedule of when each programme is on will be displayed on the right column.  To record particular episodes, click on the episode from the list on the right.  The red dot beside the episode will change from green to red when the episode is set to record.

    How do I cancel a recording?

    To cancel an individual recording, follow the instructions  above on 'Manual Selection of episodes to record', but click on the episode to change the red dot to back to green.  The recording will now be cancelled.

    To delete a programme from your My Programmes list, select it and click on the delete button.

    Cancel individual recordings very easily by clicking on the programme on the Electronic Programme Guide. (EPG)  Programmes in the EPG are set to record when they have a red dot beside the programme name.   Click once to record and again to cancel.

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