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Recording help and frequently asked questions 

Understanding the recording options and getting started

Finding the recordings

Imaging PVR TV Recording file formats

Recording Question and Answer

What's the difference between personal video recorder software(PVR) and digital video recorder software (PVR)?

Will the  PVR switch the computer on and off by itself?

What if I want to go to bed while it's recording?

Storing the recordings

Using a DVD

Doing something else while recording

Default time margins at the beginning and end of recordings

The size of recordings

Sound quality

What's the difference between  personal video recorder software (PVR) and digital video recorder software (PVR)?

Nothing.  They are different names for the same thing.


Will the  PVR switch the computer on and off by itself?

Yes, if the computer is on standby or hibernating Imaging PVR will wake up the computer to make the recording and hibernate it again when the recording is finished.  Do not shut down the computer completely, but use standby or hibernate.   Please also read the question below.

What if I want to go to bed while it's recording?

If the computer was off when the recording started, it will hibernate the computer after the recording is complete. 

Hibernate  Hibernate 

If the computer was on, click on the 'hibernate' icon   at the top menu bar and the computer will hibernate at the end of the recording.

Storing the recordings

By default the recordings are stored in My Videos in My Documents.   From within Imaging PVR, you will see all the recordings in the show library.   Click on the link for full details of using the chooser window.

Changing where recordings are stored and using Compact Disc ( CD  ) or Digital Versatile Disc ( DVD )

1  Select  Setup    >  Miscellaneous

2  On the dialog box you will be able to browse for a new location to store  the recordings.  Record directly to the hard drive, removable hard drive, a memory stick or flash memory..

Doing something else while recording

You  can pause live TV multiple times while you answer the phone or do other things.

While you are recording you can

  •    Watch shows you have previously recorded.

  •    Watch and pause live TV  (see TV cards

  •    Check your email using your email package

  •    Surf the Internet using your browser

  •    Work with other computer applications.

  •    Watch one channel while recording another or record from two or more channels at once.   (see TV cards

    Default recording margins at the beginning and end of recordings.

    To avoid missing the start and end of recordings due to slight delays in schedules by television companies, Imaging PVR will start recording 2 minutes before a scheduled recording and record for 2 minutes after it is due to finish.

    If recordings are set one after the other, there is no problem, Imaging PVR will record both properly, with 2 minutes margin before the first and 2 minutes after the last recording.

    Changing the default recording margins

    Select  Setup  > Power management  

    You will be able to lengthen or shorten the margin.

    The size of recordings

    This depends on the type of recording, and the length of the program.

    Digital TV: 0.9-1.9 GB per hour for PAL format. 

    Analog TV: 0.3-1.4 GB per hour for PAL format. digital (Usually set at 0.7 GB per hour.)

    Sound quality

    There are often multiple sound tracks broadcast with digital TV, Imaging PVR will  record the primary one.  If the primary sound stream has Dolby surround sound then that will be the one recorded.  Many  programs are broadcast in with the primary track in Dolby Pro logic.

    Having a problem with TV recording quality?.

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