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Frequently Asked Questions about buying Imaging PVR software for TV cards  £29.99  or €34.99 

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Record Satellite TV, Freesat or Freeview - 7 or more channels so at the same time.

2 Ways to Buy

If you have any more queries about buying, please Contact Imaging PVR   

Will I have a guarantee?

We have a 30 day guarantee for purchased software as described in the software licence.

If you find a bug in the software at any time, including when the guarantee period is up, please Contact Imaging PVR and we will do our best to fix it.

When you pay through PayPal you are also protected by PayPal in the very unlikely situation where you have unresolved problems with our company regarding a PayPal purchase.

How do I know it's safe to give you my credit / debit card details?

We never see your debit / credit card numbers or any security questions, pin numbers or codes for them.  PayPal deals with that and does not pass on the information to us.  We simply know you have paid for a certain product.  When you click to buy our software you are transferred to their secure server.

When and how will I get a receipt?

If you buy online, you will get an email receipt from PayPal.  If you buy by post, you will receive a receipt when we accept your order.

I'm happy with the trial Imaging PVR, how do I get the final version after I've paid?

You will get an activation code immediately after purchase and simple instructions how to enter it in the trial version to convert it to the paid up software.

What about returns?

We provide a free trial of the software so that you can decide if it meets your needs.  However if you decide not to keep the software after you have purchased it, but before you have used your activation code, please write to us and we will refund the download price of the software.     

For security reasons we are unable to accept requests for a refund by email.

We regret that we are unable make any  refunds after you have used your activation code.

What about updates?

After you buy the software you will be entitled to free updates incorporating improvements to Imaging PVR.  The software will inform you when one is available if you are on the Internet.

The PVR is extensively tested, however if you find a 'bug' in the software it is in your interests to report the problem to us so that it can be eliminated in the  next update.

Countries served

In what countries does Imaging PVR work?

The software works as described in the UK.  It has also been tested for digital terrestrial television (DTT) in  Austria, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. 

Testing in various countries is not complete.  If you are not in the UK, download a free trial to see if it works with the television setup. We would be very pleased to hear how you get on, so please give us this useful feedback.

We regret that the software is not sold to those living in  the United States of America.


Do you give any discount for multiple purchases?

Yes, we do.  You'll get details here.

How can I pay for the software?

If you buy online pay by debit or credit card through PayPal. You don't need to join PayPal to do this.  If you subscribe to PayPal you can also pay them by cheque.

Pay by cheque  or postal or money order in British pounds. See  order by post

What cards do you accept for payment online?

We accept MasterCard, Visa Electron, PayPal, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Solo and  for registered PayPal customers we accept bank payments.

Mastercard  Visa Electron PayPal  Visa  Maestro   American Express  Solo  Bank card

Do I need a PayPal account to pay by credit or debit card?


What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment service. When you choose to pay with PayPal, you are choosing one of the safest ways to pay online.  

With PayPal, you can shop online securely and conveniently using your debit or credit card, bank account or PayPal balance – all without sharing your financial details with the seller. 

I can't connect to PayPal's server when I click on buy.

You need to enable cookies in Internet Explorer or whatever web-browser you use to be able to buy online.

What currencies can I use to buy online?

Pay in:

  •    U.S. Dollar (though we don't sell to customers living in the USA)

  •    Euro

  •    Pound Sterling

  •    Canadian Dollar

  •    Yen

  •    Australian Dollar

    Can I pay by cheque, postal order or money order?

    Pay online by cheque if you are a member of PayPal.

    If you wish to order by post, payment must be British pounds.  The  fastest way for us to accept your order is to pay by postal or money order.     If  paying by cheque  there will be a delay in issuing your activation code while we wait for the cheque to clear.  This will depend on the bank used.

    What currency can I use to pay by cheque?

    United Kingdom pounds only.


    What operating systems will it work with?

    PVR for Windows 7, Vista, XP or 2000  The actual recordings can also be listened to  on an mp3 player (great for music not made available as podcasts) or watched on a smartphone that takes wav or avi files.   TV programmes can be converted to mp3 if wanted by right clicking on the file in the show library and selecting 'convert to'.

    Do cookies need to be switched on to buy online?

    Yes, PayPal uses them to handle the 'shopping basket.'

    Do you use cookies?

    No, we don't.  But PayPal does.  Cookies are needed for online 'shopping basket' information.  Information from cookies while you are buying online is not passed to us by PayPal.  Find out how to switch on cookies.

    What is a cookie?

    A Cookie is a piece of information sent by a web server (the computer that 'hosts' a web site) to the browser.

    Cookies are not used by us at all, but you need cookies enabled to pay online with PayPal so that they can handle the 'shopping basket' information.

    Cookies may also include information such as login or registration information for PayPal, 

    More questions

    If you have any more queries about buying, check the main help page, Contact Imaging PVR  

    Imaging PVR software for TV cards  for TV on your computer. Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000

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